About This Project

Harrisonburg, VA – 3,200 sf

Interior modifications to the existing RMH Hahn Cancer Center relocated the staff lounge, increased the number of infusion bays, facilitated the relocation of the existing pharmacy, added two exam rooms, and provided many other improvements.  Work on this year-long project was conducted in phases, and primarily at night, in order to avoid disruptions to Sentara’s day-to-day operations.

The existing staff lounge area was completely demolished and then converted into the new dedicated pharmacy with features and finishes including new resinous flooring, Gerflor Wall Protection, stainless steel power-actuated doors, new drywall partitions, painting, and millwork, and an upgraded HVAC system with monitoring capabilities to meet new hospital pharmacy standards.

Renovations to the Rapid Infusion Area provided upgrades to three private infusion rooms and created additional patient treatment infusion bays and new Nurse Server Stations.  The Registration area received upgrades to flooring, ceiling layout, lighting, and new and decorative millwork.

Among other renovated spaces were three new physician offices, new staff lounge area, nurse workstation, staff restroom, Teaching Room, Nourishment/Refreshment area, and the Dosimetry/Planning office.  Other work included installation of new Pneumatic Tube station in the Phlebotomy area and new flooring throughout.

Sentara specialists at the Hahn Cancer Center not only diagnose and provide personalized cancer treatments, but also offer support to patients and their loved ones to include financial assistance, support classes/groups, and wellness programs.

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