Design-Build Delivers Streamlined Projects.

With over 60 years of construction experience, we have developed an extensive design-build model. An in-house team of licensed design professionals gives our clients a real advantage. We can get started faster and save you time and money on your project by combining the design and construction processes all under one roof.

Innovative Technologies Simplify The Process.

We utilize an advanced drafting system that enables us to create multiple design levels. Using high-quality, in-house design and engineering services benefits you by consolidating and streamlining communication, costs and responsibility.

Advantages of Our Design-Build Delivery System:

  • Single Source Responsibility

    You should only deal with one party who has complete responsibility for the total design and construction process. As a result there is no fragmentation or question of responsibility. We also eliminate the potential for conflicts between the designer and the contractor.

  • Better Communication

    The lines of communication are simplified in comparison with those of the “traditional” construction method. Chances for misunderstandings are reduced. Coordination between the owner and the design-build team is improved.

  • Cost Containment

    Design and construction become related parts of a unified system. The construction expertise of the contractor and the design expertise of the designer can be melded to produce a greater end product.

    Unified design-build responsibility allows us to contain costs during design while maintaining the desired project quality at all levels.

  • Fast Tracking

    Construction can begin on a phased basis while design is still underway. The contractor can proceed with site work and early procurement of critical materials before the design is finalized.

    Our ‘fast tracking’ will reduce your interim financing costs and will permit occupancy and enjoyment of the facility at an earlier date.

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