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Interested in Joining Team Lantz?

We are always open to hearing from those who have an interest in establishing a career at Lantz, whether you are just starting out or have a construction background that makes you uniquely qualified. Reach out to us about our available career opportunities!

“While we deal with lots of ‘nuts and bolts’ (and screws, rebar, concrete, lumber, etc.!), what comes first is PEOPLE. Without the right team members, things don’t work well or sometimes don’t work at all. That means each and every ‘seat’ on the Lantz ‘bus’ has to be filled with the right person. Each Team Lantz’r is that “right” person. If you are as well, opportunities to join Team Lantz are available as we continue to evolve and grow as a company.”

Chris Weaver, President & CEO


“What I like about working at Lantz is the skillset that I’ve developed since I’ve been here. I came here as a residential carpenter and have developed into a multi skilled craftsperson, ranging from concrete to steel work and various trades in between. And in 2023, after a training program Lantz provided, I was promoted to Superintendent.”

Anthony Barone, Superintendent

“I had been in construction for 33 years and felt like I had more to offer in my career. I was looking for better opportunities with more challenges and career growth with a company that respected their employees—and I found that with Lantz. I’ve been a Superintendent for Lantz for 8 years now. It was step in the right direction—Lantz made me feel appreciated and valued from day one.”

Kelly Spitzer, Superintendent




Years of
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Why does being 100% Employee
Owned Matter To Our Team?

By being 100% employee-owned, every Team Lantz’r is just that—an owner.

There are many short-term and long-term benefits to this. Our employees have a stake in the success of Lantz. The daily work our Team Lantz’rs do directly impacts their future and retirement. Our team members have a personal interest in seeing that their work benefits the company, which also results in greater job satisfaction. Since becoming 100% employee-owned in 2019, Lantz has experienced greater productivity, an increase in employee morale, and higher profitability.

These benefits are why we worked hard for many years to establish this company structure.

Current Lantz Career Opportunities