About This Project

Harrisonburg, VA – 19,000 sq. ft.

Historical renovation and expansion of the two-story brick Lucy Simms School, which was originally constructed in 1938 and operated as an African American elementary and high school from 1939-1966.  For decades after its closing, the facility was used as a home base for various civic organizations.

This complete renovation of the pre-WWII building included remodel of all classrooms as well as extensive new construction.  Included among the many new features are a gymnasium, Teen Center, public museum, and elevator.  Rededicated as the Lucy F. Simms Continuing Education Center in 2005, the facility continues to serve the community by offering a variety of educational and recreational programs.

This project utilized State and Federal Rehabilitation tax credits and all code compliance updates were carefully planned and executed in order to preserve the unique historical features of the original structure.

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