Safe Project Site Award Winner Announced!

RMH Women’s Center job site was announced as this quarters Safe Project Site Award Winner!

Once every quarter Safety Director, Allen Hatch, selects one job site as the Safe Project Site Award recipient. In order for a project to even qualify they must meet a long list of requirements, including the following:

• Projects must have high audit scores.
• All required monthly Project Manager Safety Training have been performed and documented.
• All Toolbox Talks must have been performed and documented.
• All weekly Safety Inspections must have been performed and documented.
• The superintendent and his/her employees must also show a “teamwork spirit” in which everyone is working together to prevent injuries.
• Superintendants and their crews must also show that they are taking an active role in the Safety and Health Program and that they are adhering to the intent of the award.

The winners celebrated their accomplishment with lunch on Lantz, they also received a site sign that displays “Safe Project Site – Award Winner,” a certificate to display in the site trailer and hard hat stickers.

Congratulations RMH Women’s Center Team, keep up the good work!