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Culpeper, VA – 6,700 sf

A building formerly used by multiple businesses, including a Safeway store, was renovated to create a new outpatient imaging center for Culpeper Medical Center that provides CT, MRI, X-ray, Dexa, Ultrasound and Mammography services.  This new imaging center will provide Culpeper residents a more convenient and cost- effective way to get the images critical to helping doctors determine the most accurate prognosis and treatment for a range of ailments.

The front half of the existing interior was demolished to construct new administrative and clinical space, which, in addition to the imaging service areas, includes a reception and waiting area, business office, equipment room, dressing room, staff & support space reading room, breakroom, supply storage, mechanical room, and electrical closets.  The outdoor mechanical equipment yard that houses the MRI Chiller and HVAC machinery is contained within a vinyl fence enclosure.

The MRI suite renovation involved installation of a rooftop quench vent and construction of a knock-out panel that provides access to both the equipment room and the exterior.

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