Lantz Construction Company was founded under the name Lantz Homes Inc. in 1960 by Mr. Wallace Hatcher.  With six employees and a company focus on residential building, Lantz Homes, Inc. started the foundation for what Lantz Construction is today – a company with the core values of treating all clients and business partners with fairness and integrity.

The 1970s proved to be a time of change for us with the construction of our first million dollar project, The Plains District Elementary School, and a shift in company focus from residential building to commercial and industrial construction.  Our business name officially became Lantz Construction Company in 1976.

With the dawn of the new millennium and beyond, our projects continue to grow in complexity and size.  The company’s core values of honesty and integrity, however, remain as they were in 1960.

Now Employee-Owned

In 2009, our employees became the majority owner through its employee-owned-stock-program (ESOP). Our team of construction professionals keeps clients returning, project after project.  Our team’s experience, attention to detail and dedication deliver high quality craftsmanship and peace of mind to our clients.

Dexter Moomaw

Dexter Moomaw

Skyline Terrace Nursing Home

We wanted to make sure that we could do the project without a lot of interference with the residential housing or our current unit. I can not think of one complaint we had during the whole course of construction.

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