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Virginia LOVEworks Sign On Display at Broadway’s Heritage Park

On Saturday, July 8, 2017 during its annual Red, White & Brew event, Broadway Hometown Partnership unveiled a “LOVEworks” sign at Heritage Park in Broadway, spelling out the word “LOVE” in a sign that is nearly 7 feet tall and 30 feet wide. 

The LOVEworks project is coordinated through the Virginia Tourism Corporation.  Other nearby signs are located in Bridgewater, Dayton, Harrisonburg, and Timberville.

Broadway’s LOVEworks sign was built by Lantz Construction Company and Broadway Metal Works, based on an idea conceptualized by Eddie Long, a member of the BHP Board of Directors and long-time Broadway resident and historian.  BHP's goal was to "reflect the history and character of Broadway and its residents." 

Lantz Structural Engineer Mark Byerly developed Long's vision into a solid design plan and a Lantz team of Kyle Cash, Jeremie Southerly, Richard Kimble, Roger Kimble, and Cory Hale took the specifications and constructed the piece.   

Thanks also to Agri of Virginia, Superior Concrete, A&D Applicators/Brian Duff, Marlin Fulk, and Alger’s Excavation for their contributions.

Each letter in the word “LOVE” has significance to the town of Broadway.

The design of the steel “L” is based is based on Broadway’s historic Linville Creek Bridge, built in 1898.  Broadway’s bridge is a “rare surviving example of a metal (steel), pin-connected bridge truss designed and patented in 1881 by Edwin Thacher” according to documentation on file with the Library of Congress.    

A mill stone was an obvious and ideal choice for the letter “O.”  Grist mills were once a familiar site and as early as 1808 the Broadway area was known as Custer’s Mill.

The letter “V” is a simulation of railroad rails and ties to represent the railroad that runs through town.  Since the 1850s the railroad has provided opportunity for industrial and commercial strength and growth in and around Broadway.

Three key words/themes inspired the “E.”  ENTERPRISE...to convey support of existing local businesses and future entrepreneurs in our community, EDUCATION...to communicate support of a strong educational system for our children in Broadway and Rockingham County, and EMBRACING...to signify that now, well into the 21st century, we are embracing positive changes in the community at all levels.

It is the intent of BHP that the white areas of the “E” will be treated as blank canvases to be embellished with artwork from local artisans and/or local school children.  Please email bhp@broadwayhometownpartnership.org for more information.

Photo courtesy of Broadway Hometown Partnership.

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