The following is excerpted from an article posted on on October 27, 2021.  For the full article, click this link.

While you might be encouraging your kid to go to college, there’s another option you may not have considered: promising careers in the skilled trades. Today’s tradespeople are using technology in ways we never would have dreamed, they’re making great money and establishing lifelong careers.

Here are 10 reasons why you should encourage your high schooler to enter the skilled trades after graduation.

  1. Trade School is Less Expensive Than College
  2. They Can Start Working (and Earning Money) Quickly
  3. The Money is Good
  4. Most Skilled Trades Work Comes with Benefit Packages
  5. Feel a Sense of Accomplishment Every Day
  6. The Sky’s the Limit When it Comes to Job Growth
  7. There’s Room for Everyone in the Skilled Trades
  8. They Can Choose a Job They Love
  9. They’ll Receive Safety Training
  10. Some Skilled Trades are Close to Recession-Proof

Pictured: A Massanutten Technical School student enrolled in the Electricity program demonstrates wiring techniques learned in the course.  Photo courtesy of MTC.