A native of Kentucky, Rob is a Marine Corps veteran and graduate of USMC Combat Engineer School.  Prior to joining Lantz in February 2018, Rob had 37 years of construction experience including 10 years as a contractor and 19 years as a superintendent.  His vast and varied background includes work on several Marine Corps bases, a fuel terminal expansion/renovation, construction and renovations for the Veterans Administration, renovations for the Federal Bureau of Prisons, construction of a 20,000 sf church, condominiums for University of Kentucky student housing, condos and custom homes on the North Carolina coast, and numerous other commercial projects in several states.

Rob is a motorcycle enthusiast who enjoys riding his Harley, traveling, hunting, fishing, sport shooting, golf, and antiquing, in addition to attending concerts, festivals, and pro and college sporting events (and of course he’s a UK fan).

He and his better half, Mary, have two dogs – a boxer named Bella and a springer spaniel named Freckles – as well as several outdoor cats who are excellent mousers.