The Safety Culture Committee recently presented the fourth quarter 2017 Safe Project Site Award to Superintendent Kelly Spitzer and his crew for the Speyside stave mill construction project in Millboro, Virginia.  There was some stiff competition from other projects, but Speyside met all requirements and was an active project throughout the quarter.  On February 22nd Lantz President & CEO Chris Weaver, Speyside Project Manager Kevin Gabel and Chief Operations Officer Andy Tutwiler were on hand at the job site to present the award and celebrate with the entire project team.  Congratulations and thanks to Kelly and crew for your dedication to safety and commitment to the Lantz safety culture!

Pictured (L to R): Brian Turner, Chris Weaver, Seth Little, Andy Tutwiler, Roy Ellinger, Tony McMillan, Mike Scott, Kennie Bennett, Justin Keppler, Kelly Spitzer, Brian Martin, Noah Martin, John Moore, Dave Conrad, Jim McCoy (Speyside Project Manager), Tommy Goolsby, Sebero Gonzalez, and Kevin Gabel.  Photo by Safety Director Darren Hedrick.