Lantz Reaches One Million Man-Hours Without Loss Time Injury.

Lantz is proud to announce that yesterday, May 30th, we reached One Million Man-Hours Without a Lost Time Accident.

This is the first time Lantz has reached this milestone and we couldn’t be more proud of the entire staff that made it possible. This is a huge accomplishment as a company, especially in the construction industry.

“Everyone at Lantz Construction should be very proud of this, not just because of the 1,000,000 hour milestone, but the fact that it is 1,000,000 hours worked without an employee getting hurt significantly enough to miss time from work, well done!” said Allen Hatch, Safety Director. “Every single one of you contributed to this high point and this accomplishment belongs to you.”

Lantz has a high standard for safety so reaching a milestone like this is an achievement we are very proud of. We will continue to make safety a top priority in order to maintain our success. Great work everyone!